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Training Programs
Appreciative Inquiry Creativity Skills
Change Management Leadership Skills
Culture Building Managerial Effectiveness
Facilitating Launches, Special Initiatives Motivation Inputs
HR Practices and Processes Out Bound Training
Leadership and Executive Coaching Performance Management
Mentoring Initiatives Personality Development
Organization Development Interventions Personal Growth Labs
Organization Climate Survey Presentation and Communication Skills
Power to Change Whole Systems Role Transition
Preferred Futuring Selling Skills
Vision, Mission & Strategy Formulation Team Building
360 Degree Feedback Time Management
Consulting Services
  • Appreciative Inquiry: A very refreshing approach to Discover what is valued, Dream for the ambitious, Design the path ahead with success factors and co-create a Destiny for the future through organizational life giving forces and vital strategies
  • Change Management: Facilitation methods that focus on catalytic, subtle yet powerful and rapid changes to mobilize the energy of the whole organization
  • Culture Building: Intervening through a series of motivational and success building modes by involving either parts or whole organization
  • Facilitating Launches and special initiatives: Promoting new products, services, innovations across the organization to reach out to larger market bases and segments
  • HR Practices and Processes: Professional support rendered for services like Induction Manual, Recruitment tests, Employee Satisfaction Surveys, Compensation Studies, Knowledge Management, Intellectual Capital Assessment etc
  • Leadership and Executive Coaching: One on One Coaching inputs on long term capacity building aimed at Senior Leadership for enhancing better attitudes, awareness, skills, knowledge and imbibing to practice values
  • Mentoring Initiatives: Addresses the need of identifying a competent set of Mentors and in creating a Mentorship pool that would harness and retain talent in organizations apart from realizing wholesome benefits for the Mentors and Protégés
  • Organization Development Interventions: Custom based interventions that span the Action Research model leading from Diagnosis to Data Collection, Findings / Analysis, Strategy formulation and Action Plans, as an ongoing cycle
  • Organization Climate Survey: An all encompassing survey to identify the Pulse of the Organization by creating a space for employee voices to be recorded, listened and acted upon
  • Power to Change Whole Systems: A repertoire of methods to invoke the whole fabric of the organization to experience large scale, rapid and quantum shifts – the underlying theme would be “Involve to Evolve”, by involving either a critical mass or the entire organization
  • Preferred Futuring: An all pervasive empowering methodology that unleashes a lot of collective energy of employee force in an exciting journey that would be facilitated with immense balance of positives and negatives in working on the Vision, Values, Strategies, Action Plans for transformational outcomes
  • Vision, Mission & Strategy Formulation: A specifically focused effort amongst the core senior group with options of cascading down the levels by running workshops for multiple groups in a corporate entity
  • 360 Degree Feedback: Authorized instruments of Center for Creative Leadership (CCL, USA) will be administered and Feedback Coaching expertise would be provided to improve identified competences amongst Managers, Leaders, Top Management Teams
Training Programs
  • Creativity Skills: Inputs for driving out of the box thinking by activating the right brain through plethora of practical techniques
  • Leadership Skills: Equipping existing and potential Leadership talents at senior levels with intrinsic competences, knowledge and values to meet and handle higher business challenges and leading teams
  • Managerial Effectiveness: Targeted at junior and middle levels of management to raise ownership levels of interpersonal skills, team building, man management, performance management and resource utilization being at best
  • Motivation Inputs: Raise degrees of self esteem, confidence and explore possibilities of achievement orientation and internalize positive attitudes
  • Out Bound Training: An experiential learning that occurs in natural outdoors through metaphorical linkages for applications that include Leadership Skills, Team Working, Conflict Management, Decision Making and Communication Skills
  • Performance Management: Augmenting abilities of setting objectives, performance counseling, feedback processes, coaching and working on development plans in appraisal interfaces
  • Personality Development: Specific sets of drills aimed at overall improvement in personality facets of a corporate employee occupying all echelons of hierarchy by internalizing a principle centered / value based approach which would include attitude building, personal & interpersonal mastery, personal mission formulation, discovery of personality profiles for self improvement, compatibility with others, relationship building etc
  • Personal Growth Labs: A powerful experiential journey that develops immense self awareness, interpersonal sensitivity, understanding impact of one’s behavior on others and vice versa, which results in enduring transformation of individuals and organizations
  • Presentation and Communication Skills: These workshops contribute to large scale skill building that fosters confidence in handling presentations, conducting meetings, assertiveness in one to one and group settings
  • Role Transition: An exploratory practicum that has been increasingly useful for several transition contexts like academics to work roles, elevation in responsibilities of management / leadership levels by working closely on anxieties, conflicts and expectations to adapt to company culture and norms that need to be adhered in situational roles
  • Selling Skills: Relates to skill building in the entire gamut of sales dynamics ranging from prospecting, selling, closing, process orientation and servicing that caters to diverse organizations belonging to manufacturing, services, FMCG sectors with customized application
  • Team Building: This interactive intervention lends an excellent ambiance to formulate team’s objectives, mission, values, align membership, enhance synergy, interdependence and moves teams to higher planes of culture building and productivity
  • Time Management: Unleashes the energy from within to maximize time as a resource by releasing a personal mission statement, giving preference to the important priorities over the urgent and empowering self by adhering to resolutions through heightened ownership

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