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A glowing Tribute to our Mentors!

From the depth of our hearts Team CORE MIND acknowledges the invaluable contribution in enriching our lives and professional domain for having in turn enabled us to touch thousands of lives! We are aware that while portraying this galaxy of Mentors and Role Models, the limitations of our memory recall would affect the completeness and hence request us to be condoned!! However placing this list here has indeed been an energizing, gratifying and fulfilling exercise!!! We realize that this list has been expansive in the past and is rapidly ever expanding!!!! We simply love this process of being Mentored!!!!! It is all about life’s essence thus far and what is ahead. Thanks for a lifetime to be, although this act would fall short, but never in our reciprocal spirits of contributing to the larger good of the corporate world and thereby those outside too.

National Training Laboratory [NTL] – US
Haywood Martin
Arthur Freedman
Cresencio Torres
Lawrence Lippitt
Larry Anders
Roger Ritvo
Sylvia Carter
Kathy Lippert
Jacqueline Bearce
Kathleen Dannemiller
Brenda Jones
Scott Bristol
Barabara Hein
Michael Brazzel
Suzanne Stier
Bernard Mohr
Robert Hanna
Anne Litwin
Jane Watkins
Carol Brantley
Jack Saporta
Robert Marshak
Cyndi Harris
Center for Creative Leadership [CCL] - USA
Tavistock Institute of HR, UK
Role Models in India
Kevin O’ Callaghan
Anton Obholzer
Udai Pareek, India -  renowned international  OD Consultant
Kim Leahy
Tim Dartington
K R Kamath, India – retired Director & CE, Rane Madras
Michael Wakefield
Sheela Ramsay
Francis Fernandez – internationally sought after Consultant [ Advanced Change Technologies ] based at Malaysia
David Berke
Franklin Covey Institute – USA Varalakshmi
Mike Kossler
Tony Morris
Michigan University - USA
Stephannie Lischke
David Kinkel
Stewart Black
Perrone-Ambrose Associates, Inc USA
Maximum Impact
Hal Gregersen
James D. Perrone
Jerry Aull
Larry Ambrose
Linda Stockton

An affectionate note to those wonderful souls, for the fondness to multiply!
We owe our gratitude tremendously to 20,000 Executives, Managers and Leaders who have been trained in our journey for having inspired us, included us in their lives and mentored us consciously and unconsciously to be what we are today and guiding us to a hopeful tomorrow! To you, we humbly dedicate the future that belongs to us and the rest around us!! Let us gather the might and spirits of our togetherness to face what is ahead with buoyancy and fond optimism!!!
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